Try an electric bike and a new way of life in Canberra.

October 12, 2018

Try an electric bike and a new way of life in Canberra.

Media Release from our friends at Urban Adventures. Join us for our next demo day! 

Spring is here and many Canberrans are dusting off their bikes and previous resolutions to ride to work or to the shops more often. But even with the best of intentions the regular ride can be a hill too far. This is where an electric bike can make the difference and make riding the first choice for local transport. Why and how?

Distance and hills are no longer a barrier. A pedal assist electric bike still allows for gentle exercise and also to cruise along with little effort when you need the help - by just adjusting the power setting on the handlebar control.

No need to don the active wear. Wear your normal work or shopping clothes even on warmer days and glide along on the e-bike without getting hot and sweaty.  For the shopping trip just attach a good quality pannier - which doubles as your re-useable shopping bag - and ride right up to the bike stands near the shop doors.

The cost of a quality electric bike starts at just over $2,000 but think about how much you save on fuel and parking over a year. Maybe you don't need the second car and its registration and insurance costs?  The sheer fun and gentle exercise of an electric bike will have you wanting to ride it more often. Even if the bones and joints are a bit creaky an e-bike is a great way to get out with gentle exercise to enjoy life and better health.

Most e-bikes will have a range of around 40 to 100km on a single battery charge - depending on the battery and the way the bike is used.  The batteries can be recharged overnight by just plugging in to a regular wall socket.  For answers to common questions about electric bikes see the local Switched On Cycles website page.

Graham at Canberra Urban Adventures has seen so many people fall in love with an electric bike after trying them a short tour around the lake he is offering free trials on a special e-bike demonstration day on Sunday 4th November 8am to 4pm near the Questacon carpark on Parkes Place West. Experts from local electric bike sellers will also be on hand to answer your questions and demonstrate the range of e-bikes now available.  The last e-bike demonstration day proved popular so if you want to be sure of a place to try an e-bike for a 30 minute ride it is best to email or phone Graham to book a spot at or on 0421 140 401.

Canberra is streets ahead of most other Australian cities with its extensive network of shared paths for people and bikes. But other global cities like Copenhagen in Denmark are way ahead of us in the regular use of bikes - where the flat terrain helps. Maybe electric bikes can make the difference in our city spread out as it is amidst the beautiful hills and nature parks?

Graham Tupper.  Graham has been cycling Canberra for 22 years and started Canberra Urban Adventures with a fleet of electric bikes offering trips around Lake Burley Griffin.