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We established Switched on Cycles in 2008 to bring good quality, mid priced electric bicycles to Canberra and the region.

Electric bikes are great fun to ride and make ducking down the shops a joy. These bikes extend your range without making you sweat (too much!) and help you get to work or keep up with the kids. Whether your interest is getting back on a bike, or keeping on the bike, we have a bike to suit your needs.

Did someone mention suits? Commute in a suit! Our bikes let you ride to work dressed in your best, without raising a sweat and with a range of up to 100kms, at about 10 cents per charge, you don't have to worry about the expense of a second car, bus fares or parking fees and that means you can leave the car at home! 

And if you've already got a bike, why not convert it? We sell a range of conversion kits to turn your bike into an e-bike. 

Our warranties also take the worry out of owning an e-bike. We also service and repair e-bikes. 

Free test rides
Try before you buy! Free 2 days trial or a week for $50 (and we will give you your money back if you buy a bike). We import our bikes amd sell directly to you and to keep our costs down we don't have a shop front, so to arrange a trial, look at a bike or for more info contact us on:
ph. 02 62626234 or 0450960545

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Boxing Day Sale! Opps we don't have one but..........
Boxing Day Sale! Opps we don't have one but..........

December 29, 2017

We don't have a Boxing Day Sale but what's even better is the SEE-change bulk buy. It's on again - back for the 4th time. 

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Boxing Day Sale! Opps we don't have one but..........

December 29, 2017

We don't have a Boxing Day Sale but what's even better is the SEE-change bulk buy. It's on again - back for the 4th time. 

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SEE-change bulk buy
SEE-change bulk buy

November 17, 2017

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In the words of our customers:

"I can honestly say that the electric bike has been the best investment decision I have made in years. It has enabled greater flexibility with travelling around Canberra, and has eliminated our consideration of purchasing a second vehicle - saving a significant amount of money and benefiting the environment. Finally I cannot speak highly enough of Simone and Kym's professionalism, passion, and attention to detail" Joshua had his bike converted in January 2015.

"Great products, prices & service. We LOVE our two bikes and amazed how small they fold up!" Rohan ans his wife purchased two bikes in July 2014

"Just riding our new converted ebikes around Lake Burley Griffin. Wonderful to be riding all day again despite an injury. They did excellent and sympathetic conversions of our bikes and I highly recommend Switched on Cycles" Shaun and partner Sandra have had 4 bikes converted to electric bikes in October 2014

"Goes like stink!!" Chris tested our crank drive kit in Ocotber 2013

"Electric bikes have come of age. I've been riding this on loan from SoC for the last two days and I've had a great time. It's like riding with a permanent tail wind, even into a headwind. Where's the battery you ask? In the bidon cage. Take the battery out, and the bike is only marginally heavier than standard. Serious fun ! Yes Kim, I'll return it soon. Thanks heaps for the loan !! Michael tested our light weight commuter bike in October 2013.

"Wonderful, a pleasure to ride, no loss of power after three hours, comfortable to ride even though I have a bad back, legs and backside.....I'm going home to sell my mobility scooter to get one of your bikes!" Lyn, tested the Gear-ee folding bike in September 2010.

"Fun to ride...very versatile especially the folding bike. Couldn't really fault it". John, tested a Gear-ee folding bike in September 2010.

"I really enjoyed the folding bike- it felt light and responsive. I wished it had gears! It ran out of battery on the way home from work but I could have re-charged at work (or pedaled a little more!). David, tested a Volto Star (folding bike without gears) in September 2010.

"All good. Throttle takes getting used to." Bill, tested a E-city Roller (townie style bike) in July 2010.

"It is too easy to not put in any effort and let the bike do all the hard work. I think I am too young to ride an electric bike....Great concept for others for commuting. My wife loves it!" Andrew, tested a E-city Roller in June 2010".

"An excellent bike! The extra weight is more than compensated by the sure footed tyres, handling response and the power to eat up the hills. I effortlessly managed to do a better time than my road bike on the 20km from Theodore to Holder in 45-50 mins. I' ld be very interested in fitting a power wheel to my road bike". Jim, tested a bike in May 2010.

"My dog is highly supportive of the bike. Very excited at the long ride!" Tracy, tested a townie style bike in March 2010.

"One I got used to it I found it very easy to use and did 34.6km effortlessly. Not a bit tiring". Tim, tried a Perpetual Motion (mountain bike style) April 2010.