World wide stock shortages!

August 03, 2020

World wide stock shortages!

We have sold out of a number of our most popular models. This is due to increased demand due to the pandemic. We are getting in new stock as soon as we can! However, we've been told it will take longer than normal to get the stock in due to a world wide shortage of bikes and parts.

To illustrate this point, I recently heard of an order received for 3 million, yes that's right, 3 million e-bikes for the domestic Chinese market (like us, the Chinese are avoiding public transport). The first 100,000 of these have been produced. Because of this order, among many other orders, there is a lack of bike parts such as handlebars, Shimano gears and brakes, frames, batteries and motors. And significant back orders.

We expect our five new models will arrive in November (although we are hoping to get some samples in for test riding and pre-orders sooner). We will keep you posted. 

We still have plenty of retro fit kits, some frame sizes and folding bikes in stock.