Stolen bikes

November 07, 2016

Stolen bikes

Today I was contacted by one of our customers because her beloved e-bike was stolen (looks something like the one in the picture only red and cream) and it reminded me to post a couple of reminders re avoiding getting your bike stolen and what to do if your bike is stolen. So:

1. Record the serial number on your bike. This is normally found on the frame either at the top of the head stem (non technical explanation: where the handlebars meet the frame) or under the bottom bracket (the thing that the cranks and pedals are attached to). Also record the serial number on your battery). 

2. Add your bike in your home insurance - in some policies you may have to pay a small amount to do so or you can get extra cover for away from home items. Check the small print. 

3.  Lock your bike to something. 9 times out of 10, this is enough of a deterrent. Most of our bikes that have been stolen were stolen outside shops in broad day light when the bike wasn't locked up, or the lock was placed around the bike wheels, but not attached to a tree, street sign, rack etc. Most theft of bikes is opportunistic.

4. Report thefts to us, the stolen bikes database and the police. It's happened more than once that we've been able to recover a bike because the bike has been brought into us for a repair or key replacement or we get an inquiry about a replacement charger a couple of days after the bike has been stolen. Sometimes we've had to involve the police. Also bike theft is under reported, so it's good to report it. 

5. We will give you a very good discount on any second bike purchased from us in this circumstance.